Embracing Stimming

Posted Feb 08, 2019

What is Stimming? Self-stimulatory Behaviour. Stimming is a way that that people help themselves feel calm, soothed, or focused, but it can also be a huge source of joy. Stimming behaviours are repetitive,…

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Happy Holidays!

Posted Dec 19, 2018

  From the team at Entrust, have a wonderful holiday season!  Help make the holiday season enjoyable for everyone in your family - have a look at some great tips for reducing stress and anxieties for…

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Sensory-Friendly Holiday Events in Edmonton

Posted Dec 01, 2018

Holiday Events in Edmonton   Silent Santa at Londonderry Mall December 2, 9 & 16 Visiting mall Santas can be a frightening and overwhelming experience for some kids. Sensory overloads happen with long…

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Advocates for an Accessible Edmonton

Posted Oct 04, 2018

Building Accessibility for Those with Special Sensory Needs Edmonton International Fringe Festival: Inclusion Support Team    Our team creates pathways for inclusion. This is a guiding principle for…

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Back-to-School Strategies

Posted Aug 28, 2018

(Updated August 26, 2019) Back-to-School for Our Youth Clients. Clients in our youth group homes have thoroughly enjoyed their summer break (visit our Facebook page to see all the fun we've had)! With…

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Group Homes for Disabled Youth

Posted Jul 14, 2018

We have over 30 group homes found throughout some of Edmonton's best neighbourhoods. Our Youth Residential Care Program is for individuals under 17.  Communication We focus on building relationships…

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Edmonton Activities for those with Developmental Disabilities

Posted Jun 14, 2018

Finding Fitness in the City Summer is the perfect time to kick off new, healthy-living routines. There are endless options to get your loved one moving, from games in the park to enjoying the day at a…

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Health and Fitness for All!

Posted Jun 01, 2018

Did Know that June 2 is National Health and Fitness Day? We all know that prioritizing and maintaining personal health is important; living a healthy lifestyle provides a myriad of psychological and physical…

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Employer Spotlight - Liberty Security

Posted May 04, 2018

Partnering to Make a Difference Liberty provides security, automation, and energy management solutions to residential, commercial and health care customers across Canada. Over the course of the last couple…

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Essential Funding for Employment Programs

Posted Apr 25, 2018

This week is career week in Alberta. On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of hosting a press conference announcing the Government of Alberta's $15 million expansion of the Transition to Employment Services…

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