Top 3 Tips for Back to School

Posted Aug 21, 2017

  Advocate For Your Child With Preparation Children with cognitive or developmental disabilities, such as Autism or FASD, thrive with predictable, consistent routines. Summer holiday’s are a massive…

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Bringing Neighbourhoods Together

Posted Jul 17, 2017

For those with disabilities, it is often times difficult to find a place within a community. There are a number of barriers which can prevent individuals from making meaningful connections with others.…

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Kicking off K-days with a Pancake Breakfast

Posted Jul 05, 2017

K-days is around the corner and here in Edmonton it is another reason to get together to celebrate the summer! We will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast on Friday, July 21 from 8-10 a.m. near Londonderry…

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Colouring Success

Posted Jun 22, 2017

Creating art is beneficial for everyone. It is widely acknowledged that creating art - no matter the form - is good for you. It helps reduce stress, increases creative thinking, boosts brain plasticity,…

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A Message from our C.E.O.

Posted Jun 02, 2017

An ancient Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.” Twenty years ago, a seed was planted by our founder, Kevin Hatch. The purpose of sowing the seed was to provide a…

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Top 6 Myths for Hiring People with a Disability

Posted May 17, 2017

Fulfilling an individual’s right to work is key to the meaningful inclusion of all Albertans.  So, what is stopping employers from adopting more inclusive hiring practices? There are a number of common…

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Employee Spotlight: Roopa Belur - Behaviour Specialist

Posted Apr 03, 2017

To continue our celebration of Entrust’s 20th Anniversary, we decided to sit down with Roopa Belur, one of our Behaviour Specialists, to talk about the work we do to help people with developmental disabilities.…

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Taking Action: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Posted Mar 23, 2017

Developmental Disabilities Awareness month is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that the conversation needs to stop. We want to keep the momentum going and continue promoting awareness throughout…

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Jordan Loves Healthy Living!

Posted Mar 08, 2017

Jordan is a 21-year-old Entrust client who lives at the Den house. Jordan has lived at Den for a few years and during that time Entrust staff has developed a bond with him, earning his trust and helping…

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Employee Spotlight: Bretton Stonehocker - Service Manager

Posted Feb 24, 2017

Entrust has been able to do some incredible work over the years because of the unwavering dedication and passion of our staff. As part of our twentieth-anniversary celebration, we sat down with one of…

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