Emergency Respite

An Emergency is an unplanned event that results in the unavoidable absence of the primary caregiver or back up caregiver from home.

Emergencies happen, often when we least expect them

Emergency Respite Services are available if you need to deal with sudden illness, accidents, family troubles, or unexpected emergencies.

In such cases, you might need cover for a short period while appropriate arrangements are made to ensure continuity of care. Emergency respite means the placement of an in-home respite care worker during an unplanned or planned event, or the temporary placement of the child or adult outside the home, to substitute for the caregiver. Emergency respite care can be provided on one or more occasions.

Some examples where Emergency Respite can be used:

  • Family or Guardian illness (physical, mental or emotional)
  • Family or Guardian hospitalization or doctor appointment
  • Illness of a loved one
  • Funeral/Wake
  • Reduction of stress level
  • Drug/ Alcohol Abuse counseling/support
  • Family, guardian, or recipient transitions (living arrangements)
  • Loss of employment/Work-related situations

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