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Are you covered or seeking aid under the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program? We help mothers and guardians get the care their child needs to thrive.

Learn more about the qualifications of the FSCD application process and our corresponding respite care service options you can access (once your funding has been approved) below. Have your child approved for the right level of care, whether respite or long-term residential care.

social activities for children with disabilities

Ongoing wait times for FSCD-approved funds can seem discouraging. Entrust’s team will strive to place your child within 2-8 weeks.

If you’re already approved under the FSCD program, our team will advise what coverage you have, services facilitated under it, and what to expect from our care programs.

Accredited by Alberta Council of Disability Services for providing supportive, personalized care to children on the spectrum.

Respite Services

Short-Term/24-Hour Respite

  • 2-3 day stay
  • Individualized support with creative activities
  • Ideal for 24-hour respite
  • Competitive respite rates

Longer Stay Respite Care

  • 5-10 day stays
  • Residential care homes in and around Edmonton
  • Ideal for parents seeking temporary care while away from home

At Centre Community Living

  • After-school clubs
  • Weekend activities
  • Camps
  • Short-term respite
  • Social bonding and involvement

Long-Term Residential Living Services

If you’re not approved under the FSCD program, our team will advise whether you qualify for the program, and what type of support to expect once approved.

Who Qualifies for FSCD

Understanding your eligibility

Child must be under 18

Permanent resident/citizen

Reside in Alberta

Diagnosis must show primary need for behavioral care from developmental disability

Disability affecting physical, sensory, mental or neurological condition

Applicant must be child’s legal guardian

What FSCD Covers for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Parents or guardians having children with developmental disabilities can receive funds to avail the following services.

FSCD Application Support
  • Providing program information and resources
  • Helping with the process of application and approval
  • Supports for more than 1 eligible child in the same family
Financial Assistance
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Partial medical appointment costs
  • Partial cost of medications
  • Prescribed diets
  • Ambulance
  • Medical supplies
Respite Services
  • In-home
  • Out-of-home respite
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Psycho-social assessments
Personal Care And Support
  • Assistance from personal care aides
  • Community involvement
  • Behavioral & developmental support
  • Temporary living arrangements for the child away from home
Specialized Services
  • Services for children with severe disabilities
  • Assistance during key changes or life events. Some of them include:
    • When the first disability diagnosis is identified
    • Shuttle back home from hospital
    • Help with starting an early intervention program
    • Help with a new school term and community participation
    • Transfer from child group home to adult group home
Family Considerations
  • Individualized support plan for your child
  • Support plan customized to your family needs
  • Community programs befitting support plan
  • Enlisting outside professional help based on mutual understanding
parent/guardian with disabled child

What our Individualized Support Plan Covers

At the core of our approach is the belief that everyone has the right to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life, tailored to their unique requirements.

For individuals with developmental disabilities, we help you secure everything from medical care to daily living care.

Our initial behavioral consultation serves as the foundation for crafting a personalized Wellness Support Plan™.

Each Wellness Support Plan™ is Customized to the Individual Client.

  • Essential personal information
  • Observed behavior patterns
  • Known stressors and triggers
  • Behavior redirection techniques
  • Details of daily routines
  • Review ongoing eligibility for the FSCD program
  • Update your support plan
  • Renew your FSCD agreement for services included in new support plan

Once your FSCD contract is approved, we build a customized support plan which may cover services outlined below.

Up to 20 hours annually of individual and family counseling

Up to $400 annually for clothing and footwear related to the child's disability

Reimbursement for travel to medical or rehabilitation appointments, including parking, meals, and hotel accommodation if needed.

Costs associated with caring for the siblings of the child during medical appointments or hospitalizations.

Services may be provided for medical appointments outside Alberta if funded by the Minister of Health.

Up to 240 hours annually for temporary respite care for the guardian.

Varied levels of respite care based on the child's needs, including short-term hourly care and extended 24-hour care

Up to 12 hours monthly for routine house cleaning and laundry

Covering additional child care costs related to the child's disability, including care for children under 13 and those over 13

Up to 144 hours annually for assistance in community programs and activities

Assistance for behavior management, development goals, and achieving measurable improvements

Costs related to dental and orthodontic treatment, prescription drugs, special dietary needs, and emergency ambulance transportation

Care for children with severe disabilities, including integrated and coordinated services, and consultation services for guardians

Costs associated with care in a residence other than the guardian's home and transportation related to this care

What FSCD Contracts Don't Cover

To support your family and child with the right care, we dedicate our disability support workers towards core tasks approved under the FSCD regulation.

However, the following care services are not covered for which you may consider enlisting the help of other health professionals.

FSCD Does Not Cover:

  • Child’s educational needs
  • Crisis/emergency situations
  • Equipment covered by Alberta Aids to Daily Living
  • Supports from other disability programs
  • Individual therapy
  • Financial benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) contract in Alberta is a legal agreement that outlines the services and supports provided to families with children who have disabilities. It is designed to help families access specialized services and tailor support to their individual needs. FSCD contracts are valid for up to 3 years from the date of issue.

The approval process for FSCD can vary, but typically it takes around 2-6 months. This time frame depends on the completeness of the application, required assessments, and the responsiveness of various involved parties.

FSCD contracts are usually subject to periodic reviews and renewals, often on an annual basis. The renewal process considers the ongoing needs and progress of the child, and adjustments to services and supports may be made accordingly.

If you disagree with a decision made by your FSCD caseworker, you have the right to appeal. This process typically involves submitting a written decision review form within 30 days of receiving your decision. You could choose to request a mediation from a non-FSCD party, or have an appeal panel review the decision.