Our Team

The Entrust difference starts with our people. We are a dedicated team of compassionate, creative, and positive individuals, all working collaboratively to provide exceptional support and care to our clients and their caregivers.

    Tilton Reed


    With a background in Education and an MBA from the U of A, Tilton saw the need to provide accessible services and support to those living with disabilities within our communities. Tilton worked on the front lines and used his experience to empower and enhance the lives of persons served. Building teams, training and continuous improvement are initiatives that Tilton implemented in order to expand Entrust's ability as a service provider. Tilton’s vision, leadership, passion, and innovation built Entrust into what it is today.

    Daniel Chow


    Dan is passionate about giving back to the community as an experienced Chartered Accountant. In joining the Entrust team, Dan became responsible for overseeing Entrust’s finances and integrated technology. Spotlighted in CPA Magazine and Vision Alberta in 2013 and 2014, this young CA is driven to make sure that everything is correctly and completely handled. Dan's insight has helped streamline Entrust's business systems into what it is today and continues to employ creative solutions to adapt Entrust for tomorrow.

    Adam Withers


    Although originally from Ontario, Adam completed his studies here in Alberta at Athabasca University. He started at Entrust in 2006 as a front-line staff prior to becoming a Service Manager, a role he worked in for 6 years. He has held his current role as Program Director since 2013. He has 4 beautiful children, enjoys playing baseball and basketball, and coaches basketball in his free time.

    Rory LaRocque-Walker


    Rory’s journey with Entrust began in 2011. With the knowledge, skills and experience acquired through completing his Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta, as well as brief career as a professional educator, Rory created and continues to lead the Community Access Supports Program. Rory is passionate about acknowledging and honoring the unique needs of each individual and providing a framework around them. He believes this framework should respect each person’s limitations while favouring their strengths, interests and abilities.

    Lindsey Reed


    Lindsey brings experience to the team in physical facilities with property management and maintenance experience dating back to her youth. Lindsey’s energy and background allow her to be creative and collaborative in addition to having the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities. Lindsey cares and understands the impact physical facilities play in Entrust’s vision and mission. Safe and inviting homes are paramount to Entrust’s services and having Lindsey helps to maintain environments that meet the needs of persons served.

    Bretton Stonehocker


    With a background in psychology, fluent in Spanish and over 14 years at Entrust, Bretton has cultivated a diverse and unique skill set utilizing a solution-based approach to problem solve situations that arise daily. Bretton structures his leadership on integrity, recognition and fostering a productive work environment. His best experiences come from time with his family, his wife and their three children, coupled with his humanitarian mission abroad are the core of his drive and motivation to support others. Bretton’s extensive years of experience provides insight in the development and oversight of the systems for growth and success at Entrust at the team expands its capacity to meet the growing needs of the community. He is thrilled with where we are now and the enormous potential we possess to generate lasting change for the individuals we support and the teams we develop.

    Gagan Grewal


    Gagan holds a Bachelor in Science with an emphasis on Human Development and Family Studies. She discovered Entrust at a job fair and unexpectedly developed a deep passion for supporting individuals with disabilities through the organization. She is now a strong advocate for her clients. Gagan started as an Assistant Manager with Entrust and since has shifted to a Service Manager position. She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering in her spare time.