Day Programs for Disabled Adults

A day program that provides adults with disabilities the support and understanding they need in attaining their basic human rights.


People with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else. If you’re looking for day programs for adults with disabilities near you, we help educate clients like you every day about their rights, the responsibilities associated with those rights, and the opportunities to exercise those rights as a youth or an adult.


Individuals must be included in their community through common interests, goal setting, and relationship building. We seek out community partners so that we can provide meaningful opportunities for our clients to realize their dreams.


Individuals should work towards becoming more independent through community participation. We help our clients identify areas where they’d like to become more independent, and support them in taking steps to make this happen.


Everybody has the right to work, but this is not easily achieved by people with disabilities. Our team focuses on building bridges in the community for Albertans with disabilities to find work.

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