Residential Care Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Our Adult Residential Care Program provides daily support for individuals over the age of 17 with developmental disabilities.

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Government Funding Available for Adults with Disabilities

Alberta residents with developmental disabilities can apply for tailored government support with a range of costs from group home care to counseling.

How to Apply for PDD

How to Apply for AISH

How Much Group Homes Cost

Adults who seek assisted living with full-time residential care require a variety of services tailored to their behavioral needs.

Understanding the different costs associated with Group Home care is important. The programs listed above can help you with finding the right care and support for your needs, but understanding all the options can be overwhelming.

To help you navigate the cost of different government supports, EDS has a team of coordinators who can advise you about your eligibility and the application process for each funding program.

Caregivers and guardians of disabled adults should take into account the cost of residence, personal care, healthcare, and medicines. You should also think about dietary needs, transport costs, and activities when finding a group home. Get in touch with an Entrust disability service manager about how to make the process straightforward, timely, and affordable.



Melinda B

My daughter’s life has expanded in many way being at Entrust. She has so many more opportunities to participate in the community in meaningful ways.My daughter’s life has expanded in many way being at Entrust. She has so many more opportunities to participate in the community in meaningful ways.


Geoff & Elsa D.

Our son is having a fantastic experience. He enjoys living in residential care. He texts us daily telling us how happy he is in his new home, and what activities he is doing. The communication I receive weekly from Entrust reflects what my son tells us.


Austin Beavers

Entrust has been there not only for Allison but for me as well. They assured me that she would be safe and that they would help in her life’s journey. Their staff keeps me up to date with weekly reports so I am still involved. Entrust and their staff truly care for my daughter and her well being on all levels.

Visit Our Edmonton and Calgary Group Homes Near You

For over 20 years, Entrust has provided residential care for adults and youth with a wide variety of developmental disabilities and complicated behavioral designations. We are proud to have our group homes located throughout some of the best neighborhoods in Edmonton and Calgary, all of which offer adult day programs, and to fully support our clients in transitioning to a group home.

If you are looking for Group Homes in Calgary, you’ll be pleased to know Entrust opened our first group home in Calgary back in 2021 – click above to learn more.

Navigating Group Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDD Alberta?

The Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program helps adults with a developmental disability get support with skills such as housekeeping, social skills, hygiene, decision-making and safety. PDD funding can help you access EDS Group Homes and our Community Access Supports program.

Are there group homes for autistic adults?

Yes, our group homes are open to autistic adults. Adults with autism receive the same level of care and attention as any of our clients. Scroll up the page to see a list of all our group homes for adults in the Edmonton and Calgary area – they all accept autistic adults.

What are group homes like for adults?

The stigma of group homes has made some worry about what the group home experience is like. At Entrust, we work hard to make sure our group homes are just that – homes. Firstly, we take great care when placing new clients in homes, to make sure that they are in an environment they will enjoy and with people they can get on with – and to make sure that the same is true for our existing residents. Secondly, we run programmes such as our Framework For Life, which help our clients to lead rewarding and fulfilling lives – including finding work, if they can and want to, as well as fostering independence and ensuring our clients are included in their communities.

How to get into a group home for adults with disabilities?

If an adult with a developmental disability qualifies for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) services, they are eligible for our Residential Care Programme. All you need to do is talk to your PDD or FSCD coordinator to get the process started.

Are group homes bad for adults with disabilities?

We work hard to ensure that all our clients find our group homes for adults not only comforting and enjoyable places to be, but also places where they can grow and develop to their full potential. However, everyone is different – and it’s possible that some adults may not suit a group home. When you apply, our team works closely with you and the adult in question to make sure that our group homes are a good fit for the adult, and to place them in a home that suits them and will give them the very best quality of life.

What is the maximum disability payment in Alberta?

For adults with severe developmental disabilities, there are a variety of support schemes available. Often, the specific level of financial support available varies from person to person – so it’s not possible to give a meaningful number here. To get a clear idea of what support your loved one might be eligible for, start by talking to an FSCD or PDD coordinator.

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