Meaningful Employment

Employment is the key to breaking down social barriers that many Albertans with disabilities face.

Meaningful employment

The workplace can be the most social aspect in a person’s life. This is where they are able to feel pride and a sense of accomplishment by doing jobs that are just for them.

This is where they have the opportunity to collaborate with others to achieve higher goals and learn to perform more complex tasks. There is often great comfort simply working in close proximity to other adults and in belonging to a team.

Meaningful employment in Alberta

The Community Access Supports program incorporates a design to help individuals with disabilities gain meaningful employment in Alberta businesses by using strategies that educators have used for decades to maximize a person’s learning potential.

Task analysis and scaffolding are two of the strategies that are used. Task analysis is a process whereby everyday tasks are broken down into smaller activities, making an entire process or procedure easier to remember and therefore duplicate. Scaffolding is the idea of supporting an individual very closely at the beginning of a new assignment, then gradually phasing the assistance out as the individual becomes more independent.

Once steady employment is a part of a disabled individual’s life, all of the other aspects that Community Access Supports focuses on become more successful. Employment is an essential part of the puzzle in building a full, well-rounded way of being for that individual within society and within themselves.

This program is open to any individual who would like to join. You do not need to be a client in Youth or Adult Residential Care to participate in Community Access Supports.

If you are an employer who recognizes that inclusive and diverse workplaces are good for business and the community, we would be happy to hear from you!

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