Caelin Richmond and Hana Aw-Dahir volunteering at Edmonton's Fringe Festival

Building Accessibility for Those with Special Sensory Needs

Edmonton International Fringe Festival: Inclusion Support Team 

Our team creates pathways for inclusion. This is a guiding principle for our Residential Care Program; our clients are involved as much as possible in community events, enjoy special outings, and even find meaningful employment.

This year, our team was involved with the Fringe Festival to support their new Inclusion Support Team initiative. This fantastic effort is geared at making volunteerism at the event more accessible and inclusive for those with special sensory needs of other mental health disabilities.

Our Service Managers and Behavioural Specialists provided support to volunteers in their roles and ensured they were having a positive experience.

Opportunities like this are vital to the well-being of these individuals and bring a wealth of positive benefits for everyone who is involved. Thank you Fringe Theatre for going the extra mile in making your festival inclusive to all!

We look forward to other opportunities throughout Edmonton to assist organizations in the move to create welcoming, safe, and accessible spaces!