The Summer Transition

The transition over to a more relaxed schedule for our kiddos is here. There are a number of things that you can do to make sure their summer vacation maintains a bit of a routine and is focused on wellness.

Top things to consider:

1. Your child has been in a fairly predictable, rigid routine for the better part of a year. Maintaining a similar structure with wake-up times, eating schedules, etc. will be helpful!

2. If you are out and about in the community, attending events, and participating in activities; watch for signs if your kiddo is experiencing sensory overload. Things you should always be bringing with you are their favourite sensory aids (like fidget spinners), noise cancelling headphones, or maybe even their favourite treat.

3. Try to maintain a balance between getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and screen time.

Ideas to stay active this summer:

For many of our kiddos, sometimes it is difficult to get them to exercise. It is up to caregivers to motivate and understand that fitness can be found anywhere! There are a number of family friendly events all throughout the summer in Edmonton and there are also low-cost around the neighbourhood activities that are perfect for getting your kiddo moving.

Have a great summer break everyone!