Bonnie and Sado

Bonnie is a 25-year-old Entrust client who lives at the Shack residence. She is a very friendly young lady, but has shown challenging behaviour at times. Things like movies, dreams and conflicts with her roommate, Sado, sometimes upset Bonnie.

The staff at Shack has been working with Bonnie for a long time. In the past, they’ve tried redirecting Bonnie when her behaviour becomes challenging, but that didn’t always work.

More recently, the staff decided to try to strengthen Bonnie’s friendship with Sado to reduce the conflicts between the two of them. They’ve had parties at Shack where Bonnie and Sado get to celebrate together. They also take the pair to parks where they play and exercise together.

As a result, Bonnie hasn’t had any conflicts with Sado in more than a month!

Keep up the great work, Bonnie!