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Employer Spotlight – Liberty Security

Posted May 04, 2018

Partnering to Make a Difference Liberty provides security, automation, and energy management solutions to residential, commercial and health care customers across Canada. Over the course of the last couple years, Liberty’s Edmonton office has employed 3 individuals with developmental disabilities who are part of our Framework for Life Program. Liberty became an Employer Partner after installing the...

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Social Work at Entrust

Posted Mar 30, 2018

Dedicated to Enhancing Quality of Life Social workers play an essential role. They are professionals that are focused on the individual and are dedicated to supporting and advocating for them in any way possible. You can find social workers working within government agencies, family services agencies, children’s aid agencies, general and psychiatric hospitals, school boards, and correctional institutions, to name...

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3 Strategies for Reducing Anxiety Around the Holidays

Posted Nov 14, 2017

The holiday season is around the corner, bringing special events, vacations, delicious food, and unique experiences that only happen once a year. However enjoyable this season is, it does alter the typical routines kids have when in school and for those on the Autism Spectrum or with other developmental disabilities, this disruption can be stressful...

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4 Ways to Build Disability Awareness

Posted Oct 03, 2017

There is room for improvement when it comes to our national disability initiatives. Work is being done across Canada to have October officially recognized as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. And in the spirit of this month, we encourage you to help promote disability awareness to build safe and welcoming communities for everyone! Here is a quick...

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5 Ways to Make School a Great Experience

Posted Sep 11, 2017

The first week of September is over, your child’s back in school, getting familiar with their environment, and adjusting to their new schedule. The switch from summer to school is a major transition for children with developmental disabilities, and the first few weeks can be quite difficult for them as they are getting into the swing...

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Finding Belonging and Meaning at Entrust

Posted Sep 07, 2017

Robyn’s Story Robyn was diagnosed with Autism at age 11. She was finding it difficult to make connections with others, often times becoming very aggressive in situations that caused any anxiety or stress. After some time, Robyn’s mother realized she needed support and began looking at alternative options for providing her daughter with the care...

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Top 3 Tips for Back to School

Posted Aug 21, 2017

Advocate For Your Child With Preparation Children with cognitive or developmental disabilities, such as Autism or FASD, thrive with predictable, consistent routines. Summer holiday’s are a massive departure from the structure found within the school year thus making the transitional period between the school year and summer quite significant. With September right around the corner, we...

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Kicking off K-days with a Pancake Breakfast

Posted Jul 05, 2017

K-days is around the corner and here in Edmonton it is another reason to get together to celebrate the summer! We will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast on Friday, July 21 from 8-10 a.m. near Londonderry Mall in the east side of the city at 14010 74 St. This event is a FREE, family-friendly event with...

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Colouring Success

Posted Jun 22, 2017

Creating art is beneficial for everyone. It is widely acknowledged that creating art – no matter the form – is good for you. It helps reduce stress, increases creative thinking, boosts brain plasticity, and improves self-esteem. It is an amazing outlet for our clients and we are so happy to share the story and some of...

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A Message from our C.E.O.

Posted Jun 02, 2017

An ancient Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.” Twenty years ago, a seed was planted by our founder, Kevin Hatch. The purpose of sowing the seed was to provide a service that made sense for various Albertan stakeholders. There was a need for a service that was...

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Introducing Community Access Supports

Posted Feb 01, 2024

We are pleased to announce that our Framework for Life program will change its name to Community Access Supports. The new name better represents the intent of our programming, which is to support the quality of life of individuals in our care with community access and activities.  Changing the name to Community Access Supports is also...

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