One of Bonnie's latest Disney princess colourings.

Creating art is beneficial for everyone.

It is widely acknowledged that creating art – no matter the form – is good for you. It helps reduce stress, increases creative thinking, boosts brain plasticity, and improves self-esteem. It is an amazing outlet for our clients and we are so happy to share the story and some of the artwork of one of our client’s, Bonnie.

It is no surprise that Tuesday’s are Bonnie’s favourite day of the week; every Tuesday she takes a shopping trip to the local Dollarama to pick up a new set of colouring books – her favourite subjects to colour are Disney princesses.

Bonnie takes great pride in her artwork, making sure to sign each one of her pieces. Some of her colourings are remarkable and garner a tonne of appreciation from her peers, as well as the Entrust team. On top of Bonnie’s love of creating, the often solitary activity has actually resulted in her socializing more within the group! 

We love your artwork Bonnie and are so proud of everything you have achieved – Keep it up!