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Dec 01, 2015

Entrust is thrilled to announce the revival of our current social media platforms and the addition of two new platforms: YouTube and Twitter. Our reason behind this is simple: we want to stay better connected with existing partners, families, and supporters and engage with the larger disability community as a whole. We want to share our beliefs, mission and disability care programs with a wider audience and create an ongoing conversation about how innovation, best-practice support and thoughtful care can empower individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioural issues.  

We need your help! In order to break the stigma around disabilities, individuals with disabilities, and disability care homes, we need to start an engaged conversation with the public. Please connect with us through our social media platforms and help us get the conversation started! Feel free to share with any friends or family that would be interested. 

Check out our new social media accounts and our existing FacebookLinkedIn and Google+.

We can’t wait to connect!

Introducing Community Access Supports

Posted Feb 01, 2024

Disability Programs Alberta

We are pleased to announce that our Framework for Life program will change its name to Community Access Supports. The new name better represents the intent of our programming, which is to support the quality of life of individuals in our care with community access and activities.  Changing the name to Community Access Supports is also...

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How to Apply for Disability In Alberta: Know Whether You Qualify for AISH, FSCD, or PDD

Posted Sep 20, 2023

Disability Programs Alberta

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the Alberta funding supports you need for your child or adult with disabilities. If you’ve been approved under any of these funding programs, please book a consultation with an intake co-ordinator to avail the right care for your child or adult. It can be overwhelming to apply for provincial...

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