Marcel: Our Modern Day Vigilante

Apr 25, 2016

We have a hero on our hands! Entrust client Marcel saved one store approximately $300.00 in theft.

Marcel has been a client at Entrust Disability Services for awhile now, and he has established some great hobbies and routines. He loves gaming and going to the Londonderry Mall with staff to check out the latest video games and chat with other passionate gamers. 

One afternoon in March, Marcel was out at the mall with staff. He visited a few of his favourite stores and engaged in happy conversation with other mall goers. Marcel eventually made his way to one of his very favourite places, Game City. As he was browsing the games, he noticed something was amiss.

A young man had broke open the showcase and was trying to steal a Wii U console and video games. Marcel went up to the counter immediately and loudly said, "Call the police!" He quickly informed the sales associate of what was happening. The man who was attempting to steal got frightened and tried to place the blame on Marcel.

Of course, Marcel denied the accusations, having done nothing wrong. At that point the sales associate checked with other staff to see if Marcel (who is a regular) tried to steal before. The staff all confirmed Marcel had never stolen nor acted out in a suspicious way. In the midst of the commotion, the young man who was the real perpetrator slipped out of the store.

Two days later Marcel was back at the mall and back at Game City to browse and chat to other gamers. This time the store owner Lucas was there and called on Marcel and the staff to gather around. Lucas said he reviewed the surveillance tapes and saw that the young man Marcel had identified really was trying to steal and had forcibly opened the showcase. 

According to Lucas the approximate price of the nearly-stolen console and games amounted to 300 dollars. Lucas was so grateful that Marcel had stopped the theft from taking place, he wanted to give Marcel a reward. Marcel had his pick from four game toys and the store also presented him with a thank-you card that read "Thank you a bunch. You are a hero."

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