Oilers vs. Blue Jackets

Mar 22, 2016

It's no secret there are tons of Edmonton Oiler fans at Entrust. Staff and clients love tuning in to watch our hometown hockey team in action. On February second Entrust clients AJ and Jonathan didn't have to tune in watch the Oilers play against the Columbus Blue Jackets. They got to experience the game live!

Both AJ and Jonathan are avid Oiler fans, so when they found out they had the chance to attend a game they were thrilled. They were even more excited when they learned it would be rookie sensation Connor McDavid's first game back since breaking his collarbone. Every time the men went out (and they went out a lot that week - the gym, library, bowling, art program and floor hockey) they would tell anyone and everyone about the their upcoming plans. Parents, guardians, families, staff and clients all heard about it; some of them were unable to hide their jealously!

Finally game day rolled around. AJ had the ACT dance to go to and Jon had volunteering at the Aviation museum that day. It was hard for them to focus on their activities with such an exciting event looming. When their group home assistant manager arrived onsite at 2 p.m. both AJ and Jon were dressed in their Oiler jerseys and ready to go... Only three more hours before they left for the game!

At 5 p.m. they left with support worker Manjot to meet another Entrust employee, Ken, at the office. Important safety information - where to meet if they were to get separated - was agreed upon and shortly after the four men leave together as a team. After visually confirming the emergency meet up point at Rexall Place, the group quickly (and excitedly!) headed to find their seats in the arena. 

After locating their seats, the fun began. The group got hot dogs and pop before 1st period kicked off. After 1st period was over, the group decided to head to the Oilers Store to get AJ and Jon a memento. Based on the crowd at the store everybody else had the same idea! Jon picked an Oiler backpack and AJ got himself an Oilers hat, courtesy of Entrust. (Thanks Entrust!).

At 2nd period it became apparent the fans sitting behind the Entrust group were becoming intoxicated from all the liquid refreshments they had been enjoying. The swearing, cursing, shouting at the referee and use of a blow horn was getting hard for both AJ and Jon to ignore. The group decided the best thing to do would be to leave when 3rd period began. 

Of course, they couldn’t leave without a picture of both guys. A picture of Connor McDavid made the perfect backdrop!

The entire group hugely enjoyed the game. Both AJ and Jon talked about nothing else for several days following. The guys were so appreciative they decided to make a poster to say thank you to Rory and Tilton, who made this opportunity possible. Jon and AJ worked as a team to create the poster - collaborating on design, content and pictures. 

On behalf of Jon, AJ, Ken and Manjot, thank you Roy and Tilton for making this experience possible.

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