Entrust client WD and Kottage House staff member Juhi

When Juhi joined the staff at Kottage House she met WD. WD is a very special client with very specific taste in food — everyone, including his mom, knew he only liked to eat chicken nuggets, chicken strips, french fries and chips. So, during her first two weeks on the job, Juhi gave WD just that.

Then one day, on a whim, Juhi decided to give WD perogies and meatballs for lunch. To her surprise, he ate them!

This was a turning point for WD. Juhi began to give him food that was not on his regular menu — things like cereal, rice and spaghetti in tomato sauce. As WD ate new foods, Juhi would give him less of the chicken, fries and chips he was used to eating.

Juhi continued to add variety to WD’s diet and eventually stopped giving him his favourites. 

Recently Juhi offered WD chicken nuggets and fries, and he would not eat them. Juhi couldn’t believe it! She also noticed WD is down from eating two bags of chips to eating one bag each week. 

Juhi is glad to see WD eating other foods now; when she shared this news with WD’s mom, she was very happy as well.