Marcel is a 20-year-old adult diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He first moved into an Entrust group home in 2012. Marcel initially displayed extreme physical and verbal aggression and often went AWOL. Over the years he has come along way in behaviour, attitude and lifestyle with the help of his committed team of support workers. Marcel has gradually adjusted to a structured environment with healthy boundaries – largely due to communication with visual cues, calendars, routines and positive reinforcement. 

Marcel now works once a week laminating and cutting visuals for workers and clients to utilize as a tool for communication. Marcel enjoys routine and responds well to structure. He has a work station with 3 separate plastic bins labelled “Start,” “Work,” and “Finish.” This helps keep Marcel on track with his work, as it provides a clear and constant reminder of what is expected and the process to follow.

As much as Marcel’s work has given him enjoyment and the opportunity to earn money, his work has been incredibly valuable for the organization. Behavioural specialists, mentors, assistant managers and support staff all utilize the visual cues Marcel laminates and cuts. These visual cues are used on a daily basis by many verbal and nonverbal clients as a means of communication. 

Staff member Raj, as well as the whole of Entrust want to thank Marcel for all of his hard work and for helping the organization be more efficient.

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