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Residential Care Program

 Our specialized team provides around-the-clock support in our group homes to deliver the highest standard of care to our clients.


Our Group Homes

For over 20 years, Entrust has provided residential care for adults and youth with a wide variety of developmental disabilities and complicated behavioural designations. We are proud to have our group homes located throughout some of the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton.


Comfort. Compatibility. Care.

Our group homes are homes. Just like our wellness plans, we also fully customize the living situation for our clients, making accommodations and adjustments as necessary. Everyone is different, and we go to great lengths to ensure our clients are comfortable and will have the support they require to live a full, happy, and independent life.


Peer Matching

Each home has a maximum of 3 residents. New clients are introduced based on compatibility with their housemates. The process of matching peers with similar needs and interests also allows individuals to enjoy lower living expenses and the benefits of shared assistive staffing. We have been proud to see some beautiful friendships take form in many of our homes.


Group Homes for Disabled Adults

Our Adult Residential Care Program provides daily support for individuals over the age of 17 with developmental disabilities.


Equality. Inclusion. Independence.

Our staff builds strong relationships with clients, ensuring their personalized care needs are met. Individuals in Adult Residential Care also take part in Framework For Life, which provides opportunities for employment as one of its core features.

Group Homes for Disabled Youth

Our Youth Residential Care Program provides daily support for individuals aged 17 years and under with developmental disabilities.


Trust. Compassion. Transparency.

Placing your child in a group home is a big decision. Our team is dedicated to our clients and their families to provide the highest level of care and support in our group homes.

We take it slow with a thorough consultation phase before making any kind of group home placement. Our team collaborates with guardians to ensure every child receives exactly the kind of care that they need and deserve. 

In addition to the daily services provided within our group homes, our high-school students also receive our full support in communicating and coordinating with key stakeholders at their school, like teachers and counsellors, to help them learn and grow!

Accessing Our Services

Individuals who qualify for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) services, are eligible for our Residential Care program and Framework for Life program. Please speak to your PDD or FSCD Coordinator to find out more.