A Social Success for Sado!

Sep 15, 2016

This summer, Entrust client Sado had a very successful day at K-Days!

When Sado first expressed her desire to go to K-Days, the staff at Shack had concerns. Sado had often displayed challenging behaviour in crowded public places — things like removing clothing, confronting strangers and laying on the road.

The staff talked with Sado about good behaviour in the days leading up to K-Days; they also offered her time with some of her favourite things (like her iPad and laptop) as a reward for behaving well. Sado agreed to be on her best behaviour. 

The staff took Sado and her roommate, Bony, to K-Days. The group spend about four hours there and Sado behaved very well! She enjoyed many rides and even had supper on the midway. Sado's experience at K-Days definitely helped improve her social interaction. Way to go, Sado!

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