Cody is an 18-year-old Entrust client who lives at Brownstone. Cody is a cheerful young man, but is very shy and anxious towards strangers. He is uneasy meeting new people, which makes him less sociable.

Because of this anxiety, Cody didn’t celebrate his last birthday. Cody’s Entrust caregivers decided to help him develop his social skills so he could enjoy a more active social life. We introduced Cody to new friends in neighbouring Entrust residences, and took him and his roommate Colin to parties in other houses.

At first, Cody resisted going to the parties, but with some motivation and encouragement from his caregivers, he was able to attend. Soon Cody started to enjoy going to parties and meeting new friends.

Cody’s birthday was in September, and this time we decided to have a party for him. We invited Cody’s parents and his new friends. During the party, Cody didn’t show any signs of anxiety or shyness; he was dancing and singing, and enjoyed celebrating with his friends.

This is a huge success for Cody ― he overcame barriers and developed new social skills. Nice work, Cody!