How Much Does FSCD Pay in Alberta? 

FSCD Pay in Alberta can cover developmental programs and funding essential support services a child needs.

Apr 24, 2024

How much the Alberta Government pays out through the FSCD program depends on many factors. They handle each case individually to ensure families receive the most appropriate support. The FSCD Program determines eligibility using different criteria. Sometimes, parents or guardians may be responsible for specific costs or charges. 
This guide covers what FSCD offers and provides resources for more information. Knowing the program and eligibility requirements helps make the process smoother for applicants. 
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FSCD Pay Main Takeaways

How Much Does the Government Cover for FSCD?

The Alberta FSCD Program supports children with disabilities by providing public funding for essential services. The intention of this financial assistance is to provide the right services to meet each individual's unique needs.  
Here’s a quick breakdown of what the government spent on FSCD services over the last 5 years. 

Fiscal Year Family Support Services Child Focused Services Specialized Services for Severe Disabilities Out of Home Living Arrangement Behavioural and Developmental Supports Provincial Total 
2018/19 22,064,160 85,156,830 40,343,710 34,074,570 181,639,270 
2019/20 26,980,630 106,878,900 47,010,670 38,737,660 219,607,860 
2020/21 21,997,600 67,066,690 48,687,290 34,081,840 21,467,660 193,301,080 
2021/22 18,354,130 48,798,610 36,209,630 22,732,110 19,521,980 145,616,460   
Source: Open Alberta

FSCD can cover developmental programs and funding essential support services a child needs. This support helps children with disabilities receive a healthy and meaningful life. 

Available services and programs follow the regulations set by the province. These guidelines come from the Family Support for Children with Disabilities Regulation. 

How much a family receives depends on the child’s unique needs and the family’s situation. Applicants will need to provide various documents to confirm eligibility

The child must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living in Alberta. Additional supporting paperwork is critical for completing an FSCD application.

Guardians must include medical assessments or professional diagnoses of their child’s disability. This confirmation can come from one or more medical professionals. Some examples can be:  

  • Doctor 
  • Clinical social worker 
  • Physical therapist 
  • Occupational therapist 
  • Psychologist 
  • Psychiatrist 
  • Speech-language pathologist 

The information from these documents helps FSCD workers assess your file. It will determine what they will cover under the program. 

A Disability Case Worker will evaluate each application for eligibility. Upon approval, they will create an individualized Family Support Plan. This step ensures access to services that suit your family's needs. 

For example, some unique services under the FSCD Program include:

  • Coordinating accessible support options  
  • Financial assistance for clothing, attending medical appointments, and medication 
  • Government programming resources  
  • Personal care and support aides  
  • Professional counselling 
  • Respite care services 
  • Transition assistance  
  • Temporary living costs 

A child's assessment helps determine which programs and services can benefit their development.  

Here are some examples that may occur after approval of an FSCD application.  

  • A child qualifies for support to receive customized footwear due to mobility issues.  
  • A full-time caregiver receives a set monthly amount to cover respite care for their child.  
  • A child's medication costs are lower, minimizing the financial burden on a family.  

FSCD is just one of the funding options available for children with disabilities. The Federal Government of Canada also offers:  

  • The Child Disability Benefit (CDB): This program consists of a tax-free monthly payment. It aims to help offset the costs of raising children with disabilities.  
  • The Disability Tax Credit (DTC): Guardians of children with disabilities can claim a non-refundable tax credit. It can help reduce the amount of income taxes guardians pay each year. 

What Services and Assistance Does the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program Provide?

Users of FSCD Program

The Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program is not a source of income. This program provides resources, support, and services to caregivers raising children with disabilities.  

These benefits can include subsidies, available programming, and other funding supports. This government assistance helps to meet an individual’s needs.  

Some examples of FSCD services include:  

  • Respite care  
  • Counselling 
  • Local community events 
  • In-home activities 
  • Personal care and support aides 
  • Transition planning for times of life changes 
  • Funding to reduce medical costs, such as prescriptions and medical devices 
  • Funding to offset the costs of attending medical visits 

The FSCD’s goal is to provide individual help to guardians supporting their children. Some benefits families receive are:  

  • Encouraging responsible decisions  
  • Maintaining guardianship of a child with a disability 
  • Reinforcing active participation in community and at-home activities 
  • Promoting the child’s healthy development   
  • Minimizing the costs of raising a child with a disability 

Each case is unique, and some children may require more specialized support. FSCD may also include comprehensive support in these areas:  

  • Adaptive functioning 
  • Behavioural help 
  • Communication and social skills development 
  • Physical and/or cognitive abilities   
  • Self-help skills  

An FSCD caseworker determines which support programs and services you are eligible for. They do this by completing an individual needs assessment. 

They rely on the information provided with an application to make these decisions. These detailed documents you include will help verify your family’s unique needs. 

If your child requires specialized services, more information is necessary. It’s critical to have confirmation of need from a medical professional in this situation.  

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for the FSCD Program?

What Are the Eligibility Criteria

Families must meet specific eligibility criteria to receive benefits from the FSCD Program. The parent or legal guardian is the only person who can apply for these services on behalf of their child. 

Entrust can guide you through the FSCD application process

Applications will go through a preset approval process. It starts first in order of age and residency eligibility, then disability status. 

The application process stops if an applicant doesn’t meet the first criteria. This can happen regardless of the child’s medical condition.  

The FSCD Program age and residency criteria include:  

  • The child is under 18 years old. 
  • The child and parent or guardian both reside in Alberta. 
  • The child is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. 

If they meet these conditions, then the application proceeds to the disability criteria.  

  • The child has a confirmed medical diagnosis of a disability or impairment. The medical condition can be developmental, physical, sensory, mental, or neurological in nature.  
  • The child lives with a chronic medical condition that impacts their daily activities, or 
  • The family is awaiting confirmation of a chronic medical disability diagnosis. 

FSCD assesses each application on an individual basis. This method ensures they meet the child’s needs once they are eligible for support. 

Children with considerable limitations or requiring specialized support may receive customized services. 

An FSCD caseworker may ask for more documentation or further professional assessments. This extra information can help determine which programs or services suit their needs.   

Stay Updated on the Latest FSCD Program Changes

The Government of Alberta regularly updates the Family Support for Children with Disabilities Act (FSCD Act). Keeping informed of changes can be overwhelming and confusing for parents and guardians.  

Entrust Disability Services helps make this task stress-free. We stay current with all government guidelines and regulations. These efforts ensure you understand the FSCD requirements and available services.  

Our team can guide you with vital information about FSCD. We understand government allowances, limitations, and specialized programs available. 

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep informed of any changes affecting your family.  

Guidance & Support 

Entrust Disability Services is here to provide the support and guidance you need. You can rely on us to help with any questions about accessing disability services. We offer specialized assistance for all our clients and their caregivers. Our team consists of compassionate and dedicated individuals in the disability community.  

Let us be your guiding light in the disability world.  

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