Entrust client Cody lives at Frat and is a really cool kid.

In the past, Cody had a negative experience with Robin, who also used to live at Frat. Cody witnessed Robin display challenging behaviour and became scared of her. Robin has since moved to Treehouse.

Recently, Cody was out for a walk with Nithin, a Frat staff member, and they found themselves near Treehouse. Nithin suggested stopping in at Treehouse to say “hi.” Cody agreed with some anxiety (because he knew Robin had moved there). 

When Nithin and Cody reached the house, Cody didn’t want to go inside and sat down on the steps.

Aman, the assistant manager at Treehouse, asked Robin to come outside and join Cody on the steps. She did.

Together, we started a conversation. Cody began to feel more comfortable with Robin, and began to participate in the conversation and smile. 

Robin asked to see Cody’s red cap, and he gave his cap to her. Robin was wearing a red T-shirt and liked that Cody’s hat was the same colour. Robin offered to let Cody wear her Entrust cap, and he did. 

This experience helped Cody reduce the anxiety and discomfort he felt towards Robin. Great job, Cody!