Jordan Loves Healthy Living!

Mar 08, 2017

Jordan is a 21-year-old Entrust client who lives at the Den house. Jordan has lived at Den for a few years and during that time Entrust staff has developed a bond with him, earning his trust and helping him feel loved. Since coming to Entrust, Jordan has been dealing with weight issues.

About a year-and-a-half ago, the staff at Den ― with help from Framework for Life program staff ― put a plan in motion to help Jordan get healthy. We started with small changes to Jordan’s diet, such as:

  • Reducing portion size
  • Incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables in his meals and snacks
  • Reducing his juice intake (replacing juice with water)
  • Removing all high-calorie and sugary snacks from his diet

We also began helping Jordan stay active. For example, we take him for daily walks. When we started our walks, we would take a 15-minute stroll. Now Jordan is up to two 45-minute walks a day.

We encourage Jordan to do small household chores. For example, he helps with laundry every day, which makes him go up and down the stairs.

Jordan also does daily stretching exercises with Den staff and uses the cross-training machine we have at the house.

These small changes have had a big impact on Jordan’s health and wellbeing:

  • He wakes up easily in the morning (he used to refuse to get out of bed)
  • He no longer wets himself during the day (and wets the bed at night less often)
  • He has started to enjoy soft music and nursery rhymes
  • He shows more love by wishing staff “hello” and “goodbye”
  • He is much happier and is much more confident
  • He is more patient and his listening skills have improved. He can follow simple instructions from staff while exercising and dancing.

Jordan’s healthy, active lifestyle has brought happiness to him and the team at Den. Way to go, Jordan!

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