A very happy Robyn enjoying time at home.

Robyn is a strong, intelligent girl with a sweet personality. She has been living happily in an Entrust group home for awhile, but her journey began with challenges. Her challenges manifested in the form of difficult behaviours such as perseveration around some restricted interests, not wanting to participate in household chores and refusing to take part in community outings.  

As the days went by, the team working with her learnt to think outside of the box by trying to use some of her likes as positive opportunities for engagement and connection. For example, the team noticed that she really liked the Entrust logo. Soon all staff members working with her began to wear Entrust logo t-shirts, which helped them to develop good rapport with her. The team also recognized her passion for Star Wars and affectionately gave her the nickname “Luke Skywalker.” These small efforts resulted in her participating more willingly in household chores and other activities. When the team refers to her as “Luke” she is willing and ready for her hygiene routine – something she resisted in the beginning.

The team worked hard to establish a fixed schedule that helps ease Robyn’s anxiety and provides a sense of calm. When Robyn feels safe and comfortable, she will engage in more activities and socialize more.

As a result of personalized strategies, structured routine,  and the love and support of her team, Robyn is now motivated to participate in a few household activities such as cleaning her room, laundry, and dishes. Robyn also helps staff take the garbage out on scheduled days.  

Robyn’s relationship with staff and her roommates have come a long way – she now prepares juice at dinner for all of her roommates, every evening, without fail. She currently enjoys community outings such as riding public transportation, going to the grocery store and going for walks.

A special thank you to all the Entrust staff that contributed to Robyn’s success!