Social Work at Entrust

Mar 30, 2018

Dedicated to Enhancing Quality of Life

Social workers play an essential role. They are professionals that are focused on the individual and are dedicated to supporting and advocating for them in any way possible. You can find social workers working within government agencies, family services agencies, children’s aid agencies, general and psychiatric hospitals, school boards, and correctional institutions, to name a few. Those in the Social Work field have natural compassion, empathy, and a drive to improve the well-being of those around them; their educational paths typically take them through diploma, degree, and masters programs.

At the core, social workers are passionate about helping people and providing a voice for those who do not have one. At Entrust, we have social workers positioned in a few different roles, two of which are Managerial. Having them head our teams ensures that everything we do is always geared towards enhancing the quality of life of our clients.

Our Managers

Our registered social workers in Managerial positions have a number of responsibilities, including being a primary advocate for our clients with a number of key stakeholders, such as PDD and the Office of Public Guardianship. They also attend psychiatrist appointments (speaking for clients if there is a change in prescriptions or their routine), go to court, meet with community members, and also regularly report to government. Additionally, our managers are responsible for quality assurance, making sure everything is running well throughout our 30+ group homes in Edmonton.

Our Community Support Workers

You may often see front-line staff, or Community Support Workers, out and about in the community with clients - local swimming pools are a favourite outing for many of our clients; social inclusion and our belief that everyone deserves to live an inclusive and meaningful life is the driving force underlying all their efforts. These are the team members who provide daily care to our clients, including tasks such as dressing, showering, cooking, taking to school, appointments or work, and administering medications.

We wouldn't be able to do the work we do without our Social Work team members. They continually raise the bar for the entire staff to always provide exceptional care to each of our clients. THANK YOU!

“The biggest reward in my job is seeing the transformation of a complex client; calming down, engaging in activities, and enjoying life. I'm reaffirmed that I’m doing something right, and my team is doing something right as well." - Clint S.

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