Success is Routine for WD!

Sep 28, 2016

Love and Respect Go a Long Way

At Entrust, we always do our best for the wellbeing of our clients. We are always thinking about how we can deliver the best care and fully understand each client’s needs. Our daily challenge is to find ways to communicate effectively with our clients and connect with them in a positive way to earn their trust.

Entrust client WD has shown us that great progress is made when our clients feel loved and respected.

WD, who lives at Kottage House, has shown he has learned to complete his daily hygiene routine, but getting him to follow through with it has been a challenge for staff over the last several months. Recently; however, WD completed each step of his routine with minimal supervision. After his achievement, WD showed a real sense of joy.

Working Together for Progress

One of the most challenging things about working with clients like WD is teaching them to establish new habits. As staff, we repeat the same tasks and activities until our client feels comfortable enough to include these practices in his or her routine. Not only does this take patience and dedication, but it also requires close communication between staff members.

For quite some time, WD was not comfortable wearing any clothes. Staff also found it challenging to keep WD in the washroom long enough for him to bathe properly. We at Kottage House, along with Framework for Life (FFL) program staff, worked together to share which best practices were working well for WD. Kottage House staff practiced the activities that FFL staff introduced to WD and vice versa. This ensured continuity of care for WD and helped establish a pattern.

Together, Kottage House staff and FFL staff have successfully guided WD to establish new habits. WD will now keep his clothes on for 30 minutes at a time and, at least twice a week, he will stay in the washroom long enough to shower.

Way to go, WD!

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