The inspiration for Trevor’s Voice is a young man who had an incredible impact on all of us at Entrust. Trevor passed away in 2015 and is greatly missed by his family, and all those who knew him.

Of all the things I miss most about Trevor, it’s his voice. It wasn’t his intonation or cadence, nor did he have the pipes of James Earl Jones, but Trevor’s gift of voice was the candor and simplicity of his expressions. Trevor would often come into my office and express his thoughts on everything from his experience with our services to his water slide bucket list. There were some times that his extreme honesty caught me off guard! However, this type of honesty only inspired reflection; on both our parts. We had a similar vision for people with disabilities to have a place where they could express themselves freely, inspire reflection and eventually, improvement in their own communities.

Trevor’s Voice is the culmination of this vision and in the spirit of all that Trevor believed in.

In each installment of Trevor’s Voice, you’ll hear from guest bloggers – those that Entrust serves. Sharing their thoughts, hopes, ambitions, and dreams. Not asking for your charity or pity, but simply for your time. Your time to read their stories and hear their voices. The purpose of Trevor’s Voice is reflection and awareness. I hope that by reading the stories and experiences from the people Entrust serves, you’ll feel inspired, moved to share or act, and that some of these stories might even make you smile.

You’ll be surprised how much you have in common with our guest bloggers. Savor the opportunity for enrichment, and for these stories to pull at your heart-strings, provoke thoughts, or even change your mind.

Welcome to Trevor’s Voice.


– Tilton Reed, CEO