Advocate for the meaningful inclusion of all Albertans. 

A couple weeks ago on October 5, the Government of Alberta announced that October is officially Disability Employment Awareness Month! Inclusive employment has several benefits for both the employee and employer. Here are 5 facts of hiring someone with a disability:

1: They are dependable and punctual employees

For someone with a disability, they take great pride in their ability to contribute and are excited to come to work – it is often one of the few opportunities for them to be involved in their community. 


2: They do not require expensive, specialized accommodations

Their role will be tailored to them. There is no need for any financial investment or 

 minor accommodations may be required, but largely 

3: They have excellent safety records

Employers don’t need to worry about the safety of their employee with a disability – they’re specialized 

4: They will not require constant help.

With appropriate duties and responsibilities, people with disabilities thrive in the workplace! In any workplace, there are positions for a variety of skill levels, and if an employer is serious about hiring someone with a disability they would have already considered suitable roles. Additionally, there are job placement services and other supports that help employers find the right match!

5: They are efficient and productive in their role.

According to Stats Canada, the vast majority of people with disabilities do as well or better at their jobs than non-disabled co-workers. Think about it, if you are hiring someone with a disability they are typically well-suited for and focused on the job.

There are so many benefits to hiring someone with a disability – from internal company dynamics to reputation building, from strengthening your community to making an amazing impact on an individual’s life.

At Entrust, we encourage you to consider building pathways for inclusion for those with disabilities. As a part of our Framework For Life program, we actively match our clients to employers throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area. Once an employer is identified, Framework For Life arranges several candidates for interviews so that a good fit can be achieved by both parties. Are you interested in becoming an employer partner? Learn more.