Environmental Interventions: Our Proactive Approach

Posted Feb 02, 2021

There’s no doubt that our surroundings have a major impact on our overall well being. This is especially true for many of Entrust’s clients who are sensitive to—and sometimes triggered by—specific…

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At Home for the Holidays: Five Tips for an Inclusive and Sensory-Friendly Celebration

Posted Dec 18, 2020

The holidays look a little different this year. Having to celebrate the season at home may add some extra stress for some families, especially if a family member has sensory challenges. Here are our top…

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Setting and Achieving Health and Wellness Goals at Entrust

Posted Nov 27, 2020

Anyone who has ever worked towards a health or wellness goal knows that, in order to achieve it, you need to set yourself up for success. Creating realistic goals that work within your daily routine is…

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COVID-19 Update: Outbreak Status Declared at Entrust

Posted Nov 14, 2020

We have been notified by Alberta Health Services (AHS) on November 13, 2020 that an outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at Entrust. A COVID-19 outbreak is declared when 5 or more cases are linked to…

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Customized Employment at Entrust

Posted Oct 28, 2020

October is National Disability Employment Awareness month in Canada. As October comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on the annual event created to build awareness around the positive outcomes of hiring…

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We Are Proud to Introduce Entrust Respite Care

Posted Feb 01, 2020

Home & Community Care at Entrust The team at Entrust is excited to launch our very own Respite Services in Edmonton! Respite Care gives primary caregivers a break from the 24/7 demands and responsibilities…

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A Sensory-Friendly Christmas

Posted Dec 16, 2019

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season With dinners to plan, gifts to get, extended family functions, and steadfast traditions, the holidays can be stressful for anyone. For individuals with special sensory…

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Another School Year Comes to a Close

Posted Jul 05, 2019

The Summer Transition The transition over to a more relaxed schedule for our kiddos is here. There are a number of things that you can do to make sure their summer vacation maintains a bit of a routine…

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Disability Services Edmonton

Posted Jun 26, 2019

What is a developmental disability? Let’s first get on the same page to what a developmental disabilities actually is. Developmental disabilities come in a variety of different forms. Some may be purely…

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Embracing Stimming

Posted Feb 08, 2019

What is Stimming? Self-stimulatory Behaviour. Stimming is a way that that people help themselves feel calm, soothed, or focused, but it can also be a huge source of joy. Stimming behaviours are repetitive,…

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