Achieving Your Goals

Jun 03, 2015

Welcome to the first installment of Trevor’s Voice. Today, we hear from Entrust client, Matthew, who shares his thoughts on achieving your goals – why goals are important, what kinds of goals you can set, and what it means to achieve your goals.


- Tilton Reed, CEO

Goals reflect many important aspects of an individual’s life, such as, education, employment and life choices. Every goal can help you succeed in life as you are planning and working at accomplishing them and that will lead success in the future. If you do not put in the necessary effort into your goals, you will ultimately fail. Even without the help of others, individuals can accomplish their goals when the necessary work is done. Aiming high with each of yours goals is beneficial, as you never know what you are capable of doing until you try.

Education is a primary goal for many individuals, as the more education you have increases your employability. This is vital, as everyone wants to be able to provide for themselves and for their families. Education encourages and is essential to success in everyday life. Each day people learn something new that will help them improve. A great system of education that is top notch benefits everyone, from elementary school kids all the way to university students. High levels of education ensure that you are eligible for the field of employment that you desire.

Employment is often the second most important goal people will set for themselves. Those without good employment in life struggle to survive and are often at the mercy of their employers. It is shameful for many to admit, as they have lost a large part of their ability to make choices. Good employment allows people to buy the latest technologies, choose what they want to drive and where they want to live. Acquiring high levels of education ensures you will be able to attain good employment and reach your financial goals.

Family is often the third most important goal people will set in their life. Having a family can be a source of great pride and happiness for those who obtain it. People value good education and employment in order to provide for their families. Having strong family bonds is a huge source of strength and support when you go through difficult times. You are able to confide in family and ask for help and advice. The more effort and energy you put into your family, will result is greater positive dividends in the future.

It is important to set goals in our lives as they will shape who we will become in the future. Goals are often connected to one another, as accomplishing one goal will move us closer to obtaining another. Motivation increases when you accomplish a goal and help us get through the difficult times in our lives. Goals allow us to dream and to strive for the very best in life.  Everyone should set goals so that the outcome of their lives is what they desired.

– Matthew

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