Brandon and Jordan volunteering at LZ Trampoline Park

Meet two of our clients, Brandon and Jordan. Both men volunteer at LZ Trampoline Park

Every week they go with their mentor Delacey and work hard to disinfect and tidy up the shoe cubbies around the indoor park. They work in 10 minute intervals, followed by 10 minutes of trampoline jumping, and continue this pattern until all their work is done and the cubbies look spotless. 

Brandon first starting volunteering at the Trampoline Park and Jordan joined shortly after. Brandon loves jumping on the trampolines and counting to 10 with the staff. He will call out “Ready… set… go!” and race to and from each end of the trampoline with staff members. 

Since having Jordan join Brandon in this volunteering opportunity, their mentor has found they show more social awareness of one another as well as the staff that help them along. Jordan is an eager worker and helps Brandon out when he slows down. He’s still warming up to jumping on the trampolines independently, but he really enjoys being bounced while he sits and balances himself. Lately he has shown increased interest in walking from one end of the trampoline to the other, being bounced along as he walks from mat to mat. 

Brandon and Jordan end their volunteering shift with verbally expressing or using sign language to ask for some cookies and refreshments.

Shelly and the team at LZ Trampoline Park have created a great opportunity for these men to work in the community. They have integrated well and and have found a rhythm working as a part of the LZ Trampoline team. 

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